What they are saying about Mísia

Partice Leconte,
Film Director

"Mísia's hair trim, her fringe, is rather graphical. She also has gestures. Postures. Blacks and whites. Angles and curves. Fine and thick tines. This is why more than singing the Fado she actually designs the Fado."
  Gilbert & George,
Plastic Artists

"Her fados are the most emotional music we have listened without even understanding a single word. She dares to listen to her body and creates beauty from the most extreme situations. She is an authentic artist."

Ute Lemper,

"When Mísia sings we are transported to an universe of theatrical passion and emotional deepness."
  Bill T. Jones,
Dancer & choreographer

"Mísia is one of the most avant-garde and charismatic fado singers of our time."
Eduardo Prado Coelho,

"Only those capable of hearing the voice emerging from the throats worn by flame, only those capable of following the nocturnal pace of an unusually intelligent enunciation - in recognizing the verbal textures and the consumed emotions that gather within - may come to understand that sharpest pain hardly ever derives from open wounds. Mísia relates to Fado in a way that reaches the 'mystical' - and it is almost scaring."

Amália Rodrigues Award

Venues presenting Fado for the first time with Mísia's concerts

France, Switzerland and Belgium
• Grande Cour d'Honneur du Palais des Papes, Avignon (FR)
• Théâtre des Champs Elysées, Paris (FR)
• Maison des Cultures du Monde, Paris (FR)
• Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris (FR)
• Midem Festival, Cannes (FR)
• Dranouter Festival, Dranouter (BE)
• Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels (BE)
• Salle Flagey, Brussels (BE)

Germany and Austria
• Philarmonie, Berlin (DE)
• Tipi am Kanzleramt, Berlin (DE)
• Alter Oper, Frankfurt (DE)
• Musikhalle, Hamburg (DE)
• Konzerhaus, Vienna (AT)

Portugal and Spain
• Grande Auditório da Culturgest, Lisbon (PT)
• Festival de Capuchos (PT)
• Teatro Nacional Maria Guerrero, Madrid (ES)
• Palácio de Congressos, Madrid (ES)
• Festival El Grec, Barcelona (ES)

USA and Autralia
• Berkeley Performance, Boston (USA)
• Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland (USA)
• Listner Audiotorium, Washington (USA)
• Ravinia Jazz Festival, Chicago (USA)
• Womad Festival, Adelaide (AU)

And Also
• Teatro Gral. San Martín, Buenos Aires (AR)
• Le Carré, Amsterdam (NL)
Awards and Key dates relating to the career of Mísia

• Release of the album "Para Amália"

2010 to 2014
• Release of the album "Delikatessen Café Concerto", (2013)
• Release of the album "Mediterraneo - Christina Pluhar & l'Arpeggiata", (2013)
• Theatre "O Matadouro Invisível" by Karin Serres, Portugal (2013)
• Amália Rodrigues Award, Portugal (2012)
• Release of the album "Senhora da Noite", (2012)
• Gilda Award, Italy (2011)
• Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters, France (2011)
• Renato Carosone Award, Italy (2010)
• Film "Passione" by John Turturro, Italy (2010)

2000 to 2009
• Release of the album "Ruas", (2009)
• "Mísia, L'exil & Les Bouffes du Nord" by C. Castillo, (2008)
• Medal of the Order of Merit, Portugal (2005)
• Release of the album "Drama Box", (2005)
• Great Red Medal of the City of Paris, France (2004)
• knight of the Order of Arts and Letters, France (2004)
• Award of the German Record Critics, Germany (2004)
• Festival International du Film d'Art et Pédagogique, France (2004)
• "Les Fados de Mísia" by C. Castillo, France (2003)
• Release of the album "Canto", (2003)
• Release of the album "Ritual", (2001)

1991 to 1999
• Release of the album "Paixoes Diagonais", (1999)
• Silver Disc for the album "Garras dos Sentidos", Portugal (1999)
• Release of the album "Garras dos Sentidos", (1998)
• Grand Prix de l'Académie Charles Cros, France (1996)
• Release of the album "Tanto Menos Tanto Mais", (1995)
• Release of the album "Fado", (1993)
• Release of the album "Mísia", (1991)

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and also with Manuel Paulo (Musician & Productor), Jorge Palma (Compositor & Autor), Vitorino (Productor & Compositor), Ricardo Dias (Musician & Productor), etc.