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"She is really a very special woman! Her fados are the most emotional music we have listened without even understanding a single word. She dares to listen to her body and creates beauty from the most extreme situations. She is an authentic artist." [+]


Senhora da Noite (2011)

Album Information

Mísia's tenth album is a return to traditional Fado. The atmosphere set by the singer is a more intimate and emotional than on her previous work. "Senhora Da Noite" also marks the 10th anniversary of the pure Fado music album "Ritual" (2001) and, above all, the 20th anniversary of her recording career ("Mísia", 1991).

The idea of the "Senhora da Noite" project was to combine traditional music with lyrics written exclusively by women poets and writers (such as Agustina Bessa-Luís, Hélia Correia and Lídia Jorge) and by women who are singers or Fadista themselves such as Amália Rodrigues, Amélia Muge and also Mísia herself.

As with her record "Garras Dos Sentidos" the music of the old traditional Fado played by the guitar trio is complemented by melodic lines from the accordion, piano and violin. Mísia first introduced these instruments to Fado in her early recordings and they have ever since become typical for her personal Fado sound.

For the first time in the history of Fado, this is an album in which the role of women is not limited at all to be the muse or the singer. They are authors who create the poetic universes for this music genre themselves.

As usual for Mísia's work, all texts of "Senhora da Noite" were written especially for her voice with the exception of some poems by late authors who have already passed away.


Télérama FFFF, France.


Timing: 45'06

01. Fado das Violetas (4'30)
02. Ulissipo (2'36)
03. O Manto a Rainha (2'41)
04. Senhora da Noite (3'51)
05. Lua Mãe das Noites (4'06)
06. Que O Meu Coração Se Cansou (3'34)
07. Garras dos Sentidos II (3'02)
08. Tarde Longa (4'08)
09. Simplesmente (3'47)
10. Que Silêncio é Esta Voz (3'11)
11. Fogo Posto (3'10)
12. Sombra (3'34)
13. Rapsódia Amália (4'21)

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Video Clip "O Manto da Rainha" directed by John Turturro

Making Off "O Manto da Rainha"

Teaser "Senhora da Noite" directed by C.B. Aragão (Video Edition: Pedro Oliveira)