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Bill T. Jones,
Dancer and choreographer

"Mísia is one of the most avant-garde and charismatic fado singers of our time." [+]


Ruas, Lisboarium &Tourists (2009)

Album Information

Streets of Life, Streets of the Heart, Streets of the Saudade, Streets of Love and of Absence, Streets of all the Streets. Those of Fate and Fado. We all take streets until we reach the last turning. And these places of passing by, of meetings and goodbyes, all these streets of all the cities in the world are traversed by the vulnerable and indefatigable humans that we are, trying to live our lives and spread jam on our hearts.

Lisboarium (CD1):
Lisboarium was born in the Bouffes du Nord theatre in Paris, a city where I came to settle in 2005. Waiting for the Saudade to attack, I dream of Lisbon from a distance... Lisborarium is an oniric and imaginary voyage through the streets of Lisbon, its neighbourhoods and its music, not only "Fado" but also the "Marchas de Lisboa" and the "Morrna". The sounds of Lisbon with the richness of its mixture of cultures and its peripheral European perch. Lisboarium is a dream where everything is possible, even a French fado written by one of the greatest living poets in Portugal, Vasco Graça Moura. The ships, the seagulls, the church bells of Lisbon. Lisbon and its poets, Lisbon and its music, Lisbon and its special luminosity... Lisbon and its men in gabardine, black umbrellas and moustaches, its short-legged dogs. Would you like to dream with me this evening? Careful, the beautiful paving stones of Lisbon are slippery...

&Tourists (CD2):
The Tourists are artists from other streets in the world, other cultures, but I think they have a "fado" soul. Some of them would certainly have sung the Fado if they had been born in Portugal. Through their tragic relationship with life, present in their music and in their work, through an existential exhaustion made of extreme emotion, of artistic licence and solitude. Some met with a tragic end but all are and remain alive within us. My guests belong to this tribe of artists who, like me, stare alone right into the eyes of Fate.


Timing: 90'11

01. Que Fazes Aí, Lisboa (4'13)
02. Joana Rosa (4'29)
03. Conjugar Lisboa (2'20)
04. Venho de Longe Lisboa (3'54)
05. Fado da Rua da Bica (4'35)
06. Rapsódia dos 3 poêtas (3'02)
07. Fado de Santa Catarina (2'44)
08. É Noite na Mouraria (3'35)
09. Fado Inventaire (3'48)
10. Lisboa Não sejas Francesa (1'51)
11. Autopsicografia (4'37)
12. Um Raio de Luz Ardente (3'42)
13. Canção de Lisboa (4'43)
01. Iraz Kül Biraz Duman (4'48)
02. Hurt (4'18)
03. Fallaste Corazon (2'36)
04. Mi Sono Innamorato Di Te (3'45)
05. Pour Ne pas Vivre Seul (3'20)
06. Como el Agua (4'16)
07. Era de Maggio (4'56)
08. Love will Tear Us Apart (4'01)
09. Aishuh Hatoba (3'45)
10. Attendez Que ma Joie Revienne (2'36)
11. Rosa dos Ventos (2'35)

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